Come and enjoy Rasputin’s culinary treasures. We offer appetizing and satisfying food and refreshing beverages to delight your senses. Our team of chefs made sure that all the ingredients are sourced from the finest and freshest produce from the market. Our menu is carefully crafted to suit all occasions and turn them into memorable dining experiences – making even the most ordinary day special. Our dishes are presented to satisfy your senses letting your eyes feast on our food presentation and then your taste buds scream in delight as they savor the explosion of flavors in your mouth. 

For starters, we offer the soup for the day that is served hot and with a serving of rye bread. This is followed by the Trio of Russian Nibbles as appetizers composed of cheese rye, olives, and mixed nuts and a Russian Blini which is basically a thin pancake that is stuffed with delectable mushrooms. You will be asked to pair your starter set with a glass of red or white wine. 

For the main course, we have the Wild Mushroom Russian Style Rissoto which is made of Russian barley, wild mushrooms, and covered with melted cheese on top. There is also a helping of green salad by the side. We also offer the Babushka Meal. This is house-made lamb, tenderized, and served with beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce. This is paired with traditional Russian sidings of smoked sausage, potato, and green salad. You can also opt to have our Pelmeny or the Russian Ravioli. The pasta is filled with meat and covered with sour cream sauce. The highlight of the menu is our Gregory Rasputin Pork which is the traditional pork steak in Russia covered in breadcrumbs. This is also served with smoked sausage, mashed potato, and greens. You can pair these entrees with our Jack Daniels and Cola, Martini Extra Dry or Bianco, and Gordon’s Gin and Tonic.