Grigori Rasputin was a paradox, controversial, powerful, and mysterious figure in history. He was from humble beginnings. He was born to a peasant family. Hailing from Siberia in Russia, Grigori Rasputin initially wanted to become a monk but failed. He got married, had three children but left his family. He wandered around the Middle East and the Holy Land and became known for his healing and prophetic abilities. This would lead him to meet Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. The royal couple’s son was sick with hemophilia and they believed that Rasputin was able to cure him that was why he became a trusted adviser of the imperial family. He became a controversial figure because of his lascivious behavior, earning the ire of other government officials. He was seen to be an eccentric individual. He visited brothels and would drink excessively. Yet he would talk about God and repentance. He was later on assassinated by being poisoned, shot, and thrown into the lake.  

Rasputin was such a mysterious figure that there are many tales about him that propagate until now, many of which were exaggerated beyond measure. One thing is for sure though. There is much to learn about his life. Rasputin taught us to indulge in life’s pleasures. Live life to the fullest. If you must sin, make sure it is worth the effort of forgiving and not just some petty stuff. He also taught us about the importance of being close to God. He believed in God’s forgiveness and found joy in repentance. He taught us about the importance of our offering to God, not in the form of extravagant things, but in what we can humbly bring before Him. Most of all, Rasputin taught us hope, that the pain and worries of this world will pass away and we would be comforted by the beauty of God’s creations.