Rasputin is the premiere entertainment center in the city. We offer the best food and performances to keep you and the whole family amused and engaged. We guarantee that you will have the time of your life when you spend the day or night inside our premises. We have a special buffet of Russian food to delight your palate. It promises to be a gastronomic adventure with our hefty servings of Beef Stroganoff that is the star of our dining table along with the equally delicious Borscht, Sweet, and Sour Cabbage, Solyanka Soup, Golubsty, Olivie, Blini, Potato Okroshka, Knish, Khinkali, Khachapuri, Zharkoye, Pelmeni, Shashlik, Tula Gingerbread, Pirozhki, Morozhenoe, and Chakchak. These are truly the best that Russian cuisine has to offer all gathered together in one buffet. There are pastries, appetizers, salads, hearty soups, savory dishes, grilled meat, desserts, and light snacks to suit everyone’s preferences. Eat to your heart’s content and share good food with your family and friends. We know that our food selection will complete your holiday celebration. So, go ahead and have fun. Rasputin NY will take care of the food and entertainment.

Catch The Greatest Showman on Rasputin NY

Brace yourselves because the hit musical, “The Greatest Showman” is coming to Rasputin NY. Our artists will perform their own rendition of this phenomenal show as part of Rasputin NY’s holiday offer to our guests and patrons. Our own performers have worked so hard to come up with this show to showcase their talents and treat everyone with good performance. The production crew has used precision current sense resistors to make sure that the setting will come to life at Rasputin NY’s very own stage. We assure you that this show is larger than life.

The Greatest Showman is an amazing musical that has taken the whole world by storm especially with the release of its movie adaptation, making it more astounding than ever. Be captivated by the actors and actresses who play their parts so well. Sing along to their songs that can very well be the story of your life as well. With love and pursuing your dream as its main theme, everyone can relate to the story of The Greatest Showman. It is a fitting show to be a featured on the stage of Rasputin NY for the holidays. Tickets are selling fast so make sure to get yours now. Reserve your tickets through our online booking and get to choose the best seats in town while you still can. Do not miss this chance to watch the greatest show on Rasputin NY – The Greatest Showman, starting this November 2018. We have matinee and evening performances so that more people can get to watch this amazing show.

A buffet offering the very best of Russian cuisine and an exceptional musical show – what more can you ask for? We invite you to visit us at Rasputin NY this holiday season and let us all be merry together. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the holidays at Rasputin NY.